Time Attack car needing full grey lower sections and bumpers before orange graphics over. £500
Illusion. To match other properties twin doors we added a brick pillar photo to the new double door. Batcave! £200
Sponsors bike graphics ready for Stef Hall's Donington race meeting. Photo in front of one of our vans £100
We certainly do the unusual. A design in gold vinyl pressed to a 100% Nylon stocking.
Simple hotel advertising on car and glass. Unusually the hotel is in Austria £400
White signboard covered in chalkboard vinyl and aged font for a local cafe £50
What do you do with a green GC8 Impreza? We did this and it's still unchanged and competing this year. £400
Re-make of the classic factory Astra made ready for Rally Barbados. £250
We added Nikkalite reflective vinyl between the coloured stripes so any vehicle light makes it shine our for safety. £400
A quick fix of adding graphics in the week of Rally GB. £75